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Norrtelje Brenneri AB was established in 2001 by husband-and-wife team Richard Jansson and Kristina Anerfält-Jansson. The distillery is situated on a farm in the heart of the Roslagen archipelago, seventy kilometres north of Stockholm. Five generations of the family have farmed here. After extensive renovation and remodelling of the barn, the distillery was ready in 2002.

We manufacture first-class spirits from fruit and berries, such as apples, pears, rowanberries and sea buckthorn berries. Our product range includes, among other fine spirits, Roslagswhisky, RoslagsGin, Sweden’s finest punsch, Roslags Punsch, and the historic BellmanPunsch. Our ingredients come from our own farm and from carefully selected fruit and berry producers in Sweden and Finland. Distillation is done in our steam-heated copper stills from Carl GmbH, Germany, a world-leading manufacturer of copper distillation plants. Our class-A water is sourced from the farm’s own well.

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Visit us! Treat yourself to a tasting and enjoy a bite to eat in our glassed-in hay barn, Book by contacting us at info@norrteljebrenneri.se.

Norrtelje Brenneri – Spirit of Stockholm Archipelago Norrtelje Brenneri is a distillery where exclusive beverages are carefully crafted by hand in the heart of Sweden’s Roslagen district. Norrtelje Brenneri is situated in Lohärad, on the outskirts of Norrtälje just 60 kilometers from Stockholm and Uppsala.
Norrtelje Brenneri AB, Lohärads Söderby 11, 761 72 Norrtälje, Sweden
+46 176 22 71 30

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