Roslags Punsch

Roslags Punsch is a blend of the finest Batavia arrack, Roslagssnaps Plommon and acacia honey. Vanilla and citrus notes. Our plums come from Ekofrukt Hallstahammar. Roslags Punsch is dry – not as sweet as traditional punsch.

Serving suggestions

Roslags Punsch can be served chilled with coffee, or slightly warmed as the traditional accompaniment to pea soup. Roslags Punsch can also be served with an ice cube and a slice of lime.

Duty Free

All Silja Tallink ships, Viking Line Cinderella and Rosella, Eckerölinjen, Birka Cruises, Arlanda Duty Free terminals 2 and 5, BorderShop in Puttgarden, Germany, Drive In Bottle Shop in Denmark and IKEA in Hong Kong

Also available in 300 cl bottles (magnum bottle presented in an illuminated wooden presentation case with white gloves) Price: SEK 3,607 Click here


Art. No. 80827
ABV 21%

50 cl SEK 240

Norrtelje Brenneri – Spirit of Stockholm Archipelago Norrtelje Brenneri is a distillery where exclusive beverages are carefully crafted by hand in the heart of Sweden's Roslagen district. Norrtelje Brenneri is situated in Lohärad, on the outskirts of Norrtälje just 60 kilometers from Stockholm and Uppsala.
Norrtelje Brenneri AB, Lohärads Söderby 11, 761 72 Norrtälje, Sweden
+46 176 22 71 30

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