Roslags Svenska Hallon Premium

Roslags Svenska Hallon Premium is a premium spirit. Swedish raspberries from Husqvarna were carefully distilled in our copper still in 2011. This raspberry distillate has a distinct aroma of raspberries and violets. Fine flavour and pronounced berry aroma with a finish of almond bitterness from the raspberry seeds.

Serving suggestions
Roslags Svenska Hallon is ideal with dark chocolate or fruit and berry desserts, such as honeydew melon, raspberries or ripe papaya.

Duty Free
BorderShop in Puttgarden and Drive In Bottleshop, Denmark.


Art. No. 10393
ABV 40%

50 cl SEK 666

Norrtelje Brenneri – Spirit of Stockholm Archipelago Norrtelje Brenneri is a distillery where exclusive beverages are carefully crafted by hand in the heart of Sweden's Roslagen district. Norrtelje Brenneri is situated in Lohärad, on the outskirts of Norrtälje just 60 kilometers from Stockholm and Uppsala.
Norrtelje Brenneri AB, Lohärads Söderby 11, 761 72 Norrtälje, Sweden
+46 176 22 71 30

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